Upper School Newsletter

Dear Upper School Families,

Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year! We have 23 new students at the Upper School and a total of 211 students eager to make their mark in this world. The Upper School is celebrating the beginning of our school year with unique experiences to build, expand, and maintain vibrant relationships because we believe that the best way to unlock potential is to lock in relationships!

Here are a few of the ways we are cultivating relationships at the Upper School:

Basecamp: High School Orientation

On Friday, July 15, high school students spent the day learning through challenges. A huge thanks to Mountain Challenge and Maryville College for hosting CBA for a day of low ropes team training. Each student spent the day with their advisory to listen, look for perspective, find strength in the team, and create ways to contribute to a goal. Our students will use these interpersonal skills to build relationships throughout their high school experience.

BLAZE: Middle School Retreat

BLAZE 2022 was an incredible experience. Thank you, students, teachers, and families who made it meaningful. Each year, BLAZE is a time for the middle school to kick off the Council House traditions that propel our culture. CBA middle school has four Council Houses.

BLAZE opened with a sorting ceremony. Each student draws a sorting stone to join a council house. Then, on Friday, we reinforce these new houses with bonding activities for each group. This year, we invited a team of adventure/team initiative experts to campus to teach students teamwork, cooperation, and communication through the lens of group work and challenge. Students learned to rely on their team, contribute ideas, and overcome challenges as a unit. These foundational skills will anchor students throughout their Council House experience.

Family Gathering

This once-a-week gathering is a staple connection for our whole school. The school comes together to share our learning and celebrate our growth! Each grade level has the chance to present a demonstration of learning or a lesson related to one of our LIFESKILLS or Lifelong Guidelines. It is a non-threatening and safe environment to practice public presentation skills, active listening, and audience participation. We also want family members to experience Family Gathering, so please come and experience the magic of family gathering!

Skate Night Family Social

Thanks to the families, students, and teachers who joined us at the Roll Arena skating rink! What a blast to kick off the year in a fun environment and build friendships through making great memories. CBA hosts family socials several times a year in order to foster informal, fun, friendly connections. We hope to see you at the next family social!

Curriculum Night

High school and middle school families may join us for our annual curriculum night. It’s designed for families to experience our campus, classrooms, and the dynamic learning environment at CBA. Teachers share their curriculum and present the roadmap for your student’s classroom. Thank you, teachers, for your dedication to CBA.

Each event is designed to create experiences and provide both learning opportunities and relationships. This year, we have so many great opportunities to learn and grow together. Thank you for being on this journey and for choosing to travel with CBA. I look forward to a great year!

With 1VOICE,

Mr. R