Middle School

Gaining Confidence

Middle School at CBA is explorative and grounding. During early adolescence, the brain is completing a pruning and rebuilding process. In order to capitalize on this incredible period of brain development, the middle school curriculum is driven by exposure to new and immersive experiences. Projects take on a greater scope including competitive projects like National History Day, LEGO Robotics, and Future City. Students have the chance to apply skills they have learned and express unique ideas. In addition to working with more complex concepts, middle schoolers at CBA become better at time management and self-directed learning.

Socially, students are eager to find their place among peers. Council Houses connect students  through a shared sense of purpose, pride, and identity. We place all middle school students into one of four council houses: Tsiya, Awohali, Kawi, and Wadulisi. Each house has its own culture and is ready to welcome new students. Council Houses meet together weekly and are tasked with doing a student-directed service project. Through working together toward a common goal, students build relationships and directly impact their community.

As students grow through our Middle School, they become more confident in applying their skills. After years of experience with large projects, they are ready to dive deeper into expertise in high school. They are more confident in who they are and what they can contribute to the world. Our middle school graduates aren’t afraid to try new things, make mistakes, or take the lead.

Hands-on Experience

National History Day

Clayton-Bradley students took twenty-one awards at the NHD regional competition, including 1st and 2nd in the Primary Source Award. The winning team from CBA included three 8th graders who had worked with a local linguist to interpret primary sources written in Russian. Their project was based on “The Night Witches,” who were a Russain all-female fighter pilot group from WWII.

Future City

Congratulations on winning Best Virtual City and Best Thinking Outside the Box at the Tennessee Regional Competition! Each group designed technology to address problems of the future like access to clean water, flooding, transportation, and agriculture. They also created models of their future city using recycled materials.

Council Houses

It’s time for the Council House sorting ceremony, where we welcome our newest council house members! This is what it looks like to be enthusiastically welcomed by your new council house.


Participating in strings not only offers a beautiful way for students to be expressive, it also builds the kinds of skills and habits to help students succeed in other areas of life: practice, collaboration, and performance.

Among Our Middle School Related Arts Offerings

  • Creative Music
  • Chorus
  • Strings
  • Theatre Arts
  • Visual Art
  • Engineering Design
  • STEAM Lab
  • Spanish
  • PE
  • Lifetime Wellness


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Brad Rasmussen

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