Leading the Way

Preschool at CBA is a safe and nurturing environment where we educate the whole child. This means we focus on a child’s academic development, physical development, and social/emotional development. We use a brain-based curriculum with an emphasis on exploration, discovery, and play. Our goal is to seed a love of learning that will carry students through the rest of their education and lives.

Additionally, our preschool offers unique opportunities. Students participate in related arts classes—with dedicated teachers who specialize in Spanish, Music, Art, and Physical Education classes. Each Wednesday, preschool attends Family Gathering with the rest of Clayton-Bradley’s students. We also offer a mentorship program called Bobcat Buddies that includes preschoolers.


Certified teachers

Full-time teacher assistants

Maximum of 15 students per class

Full and half day options

Exposure to rigorous vocabulary to develop writing, reading, and math skills

Focus on social, emotional, gross motor, and fine motor skills

Welcoming classrooms designed for optimal learning

Learning Centered Schools Model includes LIFESKILLS to help students become better citizens

State-of-the-art facilities and technology

Weekly professional development opportunities for teachers to learn best practices

Preschool students are included in schoolwide gatherings and celebrations



Mary Liford

Lower School Principal

Lower School Counselor

Kim Headrick

Lower School Counselor

Katie Murrin

Curriculum Specialist

Administrative Assistant

Rebecca Burchfield

Administrative Assistant

Living and Nonliving


Preschool is learning about living and nonliving things. These students were shocked, delighted, and totally engaged. Emotional connections like these form lasting memories, helping students learn more and love learning.


Preschool ANNUAL TUITION (2024-25)
3 Day, Half Day
8:30-12:30 Mon – Wed
3 Day, Full Day
8:30-3:00 Mon and Tues
8:30-1:00 Wed
5 Day, Half Day
8:30-12:30 Monday – Friday
5 Day, Full Day
8:30-3:00 Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri
8:30-1:00 Wed

Extended hours are available until 5:30pm Monday-Friday through our Adventure Club program on a first-come, first-served basis. Tuition for preschool can be paid in 10 monthly installments through your FACTS account. A $500 non-refundable deposit is due upon completion of the contract and will be applied toward tuition costs.

Preschool Teacher