Upper School Newsletter

Dear Upper School Families,

Are any JRR Tolkien fans out there? In many of the adventures in Middle Earth, Tolkien weaves a magical story illustrated through the characters along a mythical journey. Whether dwarves, elves, hobbits, or wizards, there is always a unique, strong, and willing fellowship gathered in order to pursue a great quest.

This year, the Upper School Team welcomes several new adventurers! We had the opportunity to add four new teaching positions (High School Math, High School Chemistry, High School Spanish, and Upper School PE), one new college and career coaching position, replace two retired teachers, and fill the spots of three teachers who moved on to new journeys. Several factors contributed to the need for so many new hires, but we are thrilled with the unique, well-traveled, seasoned, caring, and talented team of new CBA family members.

Please take a moment to read about our new team! Even better, reach out and get to know these amazing humans. Our team is stronger than ever, and you will be enriched by their investment in your children’s lives!

With 1VOICE,

Mr. R