Being A New Parent

first day of school


“Coming to CBA was not as intimidating as I initially thought it would be. At first, I was more nervous about being the ‘new parent’ than my boys were nervous about being the ‘new kids’ in class. That’s not what CBA is about. From the moment we became part of Clayton-Bradley Academy, we immediately became part of the CBA family. You can tell this place is more than an educational institution, it’s a family. The teachers, staff, and other parents all genuinely care about the kids and the parents. Getting involved in parent activities was also very important to helping me feel settled at CBA. I joined the Family Socials and Celebration committee as well as attended Wednesday morning Family Gatherings. Both of these steps enabled me to meet friendly and welcoming families. Everyone was excited to know who I was and who my kids were. I also enjoyed being able to attend several different field studies with my son’s class. The smaller class size made it easy to meet and talk to the parents of the other children in the class. Everyone was friendly and willing to give tips on how to get settled at CBA! As we start our second year at Clayton-Bradley Academy, I look forward to meeting even more new families and hopefully become a resource for the new families that have just come to CBA. You will find CBA is not just a wonderful place for kids to grow and thrive but it’s also a wonderful place for the parents as well!”

Amber Sayle