Being A New Parent


“When my family relocated to Tennessee mid-year, finding a school that could match or surpass the quality of the school system we left behind was a top priority. After conducting thorough research and receiving several recommendations, we decided to schedule a tour at CBA. The tour at CBA left such a positive impression on us, and without hesitation, we promptly completed the application and assessments. The opportunity for our children to attend such a unique school filled us with excitement.

What truly stands out about CBA is the wealth of opportunities it provides for both parents and students to connect and build meaningful relationships. The Wednesday gatherings, engaging field days, and team sports have not only allowed our kids to grow with their peers but also introduced us to the families of the children our kids often talk about. Because of the way CBA operates we have seen our kids quickly learn new skills and adapt to their new school. CBA has been a warm and welcoming community, and we couldn’t be happier with our choice. I would strongly recommend a tour for any family and be prepared to be amazed at all CBA has to offer your family.”

— The Schilling Family