Pistol Creek Day

Wednesday, October 20th, was Pistol Creek Day at Clayton-Bradley! First grade opened the day at Family Gathering with a skit about invasive Privet.

Then, everybody spent the day outside learning and pulling up Privet. Students explored topics like pollinators and the plants that feed them, invasive and native species, pollution and runoff, local birds, buoyancy, and canoe rides to explore the creek.

Lastly, high school students paraded their cardboard boats down to Pistol Creek and raced inside them! Check out this one-minute highlight reel*.


The day was successful because so many people helped—especially parents! Thank you to Whitney Erickson for leading and coordinating our volunteers. Thank you to Seven Islands Bird Center, TN Ornithological Society, the Great Smoky Mountains Association, LDA Engineering, Blount County Soil Conservation, Naturalists with Discover Life in America—GSMHC Chapter, UT Master Gardeners, Great Smoky Mountains National Park Service, Ijams Nature Center, and all the individuals and teams that supported such a great day at CBA.

*The official times were:

  1. .477 Kachow! Mr. Riggins’ Advisory
  2. .493 Big K(racken) Mrs. Toncray’s Advisory
  3. 1.01 Dory Dr. Bruce’s Advisory
  4. 1.04 S.S. AFC Dr. Freter’s Advisory
  5. 1.23 Ships Ahoy Mrs. Bollschwiler’s Advisory
  6. 1.26 BBC (Boat Built Correctly) Dr. Lucas’ Advisory
  7. 1.39 Brick House Mr. Hussey’s Advisory
  8. DNF The Blart Mrs. Kennedy’s Advisory