New Teachers and Staff

Leslie Addis
1st Grade Teacher

Leslie loves the funny things kids say. When she’s not teaching, she loves to paint. Her favorite ice cream flavor is butter pecan, and on Saturdays, she’s cheering for the Volunteers!

Gabriel Bailey
3rd-12th Music Teacher

Students inspire Gabriel with their joy and love of learning. When he’s not teaching, he’s likely finding harmony in nature by fishing and swimming. The Georgia Bulldogs are Gabriel’s favorite team, and when it comes to ice cream, vanilla can’t be beat.

Jessica Conley
Lower School Spanish Teacher and 5th Grade TA

Children inspire Jessica by their empathy. When she’s not teaching, she loves to play piano, knit, play tennis, go hiking, and especially get together with friends. Her favorite flavor of ice cream is cookie dough, and she loves cheering for the Michigan State Spartans.

Chelsea Fink
Fifth Grade Teacher

Chelsea loves seeing the world through the eyes of a child—their excitement, curiosity, and perspective remind her of all the things adults take for granted. She loves to garden and crochet while listening to a good book or podcast. Her favorite flavor of ice cream is strawberry, and her team is the Milwaukee Bucks.

Julie Howell
High School Math Teacher

Teens inspire Julie by being present in the moment and bringing such wonderful imagination. When she’s not teaching, she’s always up for a few hours of Dungeons and Dragons. Her favorite flavor of ice cream is mint chocolate chip.

Logan Thompson
Physical Education and MS Boys Basketball Coach

Logan enjoys teaching and coaching because it’s an opportunity to come alongside another person and help them become who they want to be. His favorite team is the Volunteers. When he’s not teaching, he’s cheering for the Vols or possibly playing golf. His favorite flavor of ice cream is chocolate.

Lauren White
Upper School Counselor

Lauren enjoys working with adolescents because they grow so much through challenges and obstacles. Outside of school, she loves being with her family and cheering for the Tennessee Volunteers. Her favorite ice cream flavor is peanut butter and chocolate.

Christina Zimmerman
Kindergarten Teacher

Children inspire Christina by basically everything they do. They’re so curious and expressive and grateful. It’s no surprise that she fits in well with a group of kids because she loves rockhounding just as much as they do. Her favorite team is top secret. She knows she’s in enemy territory here in the land of the Volunteers. When it comes to ice cream, there’s not a bad flavor. Bring on the ice cream!