Lower School Newsletter

Dear CBA Families,

Our last quarter for this school year is quickly passing. I’m hearing a lot about the STEM Fair and the interesting projects that will be on display in our gym Tuesday, May 2nd. I observed one first-grade class while they engineered musical instruments. Students were so excited and engaged in the STEM Fair process. I look forward to seeing all of the projects.

I see so much growth in our students throughout this school year. The Lower School is growing, and classes are filling up fast. It is great to have small class sizes and welcome new students to join our CBA family. As our school grows, the school community changes. Year after year, we teach students how to do the right thing and treat people right.

Sometimes there are challenges, disagreements, or even bad choices during the school day. Not everybody understands all the lifelong guidelines and nineteen LIFESKILLS when they join Clayton-Bradley Academy. That is why our teachers spend time teaching and modeling these skills. We need to be patient so everybody can understand and learn them. During that time, there may be a need to practice some strategies for restoring a class community. Clayton-Bradley Academy uses Restorative Practices techniques when students disagree or make poor choices.

Research shows that traditional discipline techniques are not as effective. Helping a student by redirecting, reminding, relocating, and reflecting can provide strategies for learning from mistakes and choices. Our teachers have high expectations and take the time to teach classroom procedures to help students understand. We emphasize and target talk the lifelong guidelines and LIFESKILLS daily. They are the foundation of CBA.

Thank you for sharing your amazing children with us!
Mary Liford