Lower School Newsletter

Dear CBA Families,

It is hard to believe we are almost at the end of this school year. I know people say it has flown by, and it has! It has been a wonderful experience watching your children grow and progress throughout the year. I get my greatest pleasure and energy when I visit with the students. They always impress me with their knowledge and skills.

Thank you for sharing your children with CBA. My faculty and staff have worked hard to create engaging and exciting learning experiences for your children. They are very dedicated teachers and set high expectations for themselves and their students.

I hope you and your children will have a fun and happy summer break. However, to prevent “summer slides,” please keep your children engaged with some reading and educational activities. Exposing them to new adventures through play, travel, and using their imagination will benefit and stimulate their learning. 

As we finish the year I am in the process of creating rosters for next year. I will share the rosters with you through our Renweb email at the end of this year. I have honored as many parent requests as possible. However, please understand that I need to create balanced classrooms. There are many aspects and criteria when placing students in their classes. We are all about looking at the total child and what is best for the class. 

The teachers will contact you soon to schedule a home visit with you and your child. This is a great opportunity to meet and get to know each other. They will be able to share about their classroom and some of the activities they have planned.  Home visits are designed to build that trust and initial relationship with the teacher and you. 

I look forward to seeing your children return to school in July and welcoming our new students to CBA. Again, thank you for your support and partnership as we continue to ignite the power of learning in 2024-2025.

Best regards,
Mary Liford