Lower School Newsletter

Dear CBA Families,

Welcome back to your third quarter. I look forward to a second semester filled with excitement and stimulating learning experiences. The students are already working on class projects, being-there experiences, and having immersion days implemented.

The experiences allow your children to develop their critical thinking skills and help them problem-solve with their peers through collaboration.

Every Wednesday, the Lower School students participate in Bobcat Buddies. Each grade level meets with another grade level as buddies. Our teachers plan activities for the two grade levels to get together weekly and interact with each other. This buddy system builds relationships with each other. It also allows the children to interact with each other to share positive experiences. During this time, the students may read with each other, write or share writings, play games for social skills, interact with class projects, and model our LIFESKILLS. The classes may meet indoors or outdoors depending on the activity and space needed. Bobcat Buddies lasts for about thirty minutes each week.

The students learn caring, cooperation, flexibility, and so much more. It can build lifelong friendships.

Thank you,
Mary Liford