Lower School Newsletter

Dear CBA Families,

Clayton-Bradley Academy students have done a lot of fantastic work. I’ve had the opportunity to observe most of the classes and see a lot of exciting learning. Some have begun to work on various projects.

At CBA, we emphasize project-based learning because it helps develop many skills. The classroom instruction allows students to engage in projects for the real world. It helps create those critical thinking and problem-solving skills, whether working alone or collaborating with others. The projects that your students will take part in are authentic and relate to what they are learning about in the classroom. We prepare students to be creative, curious, and take on the courage to present in front of their peers. These are all LIFESKILLS we emphasize.

Here are a few examples of some projects I’ve either seen or heard students talking about this quarter. Our third graders are working on a project learning about life cycles and a birds-eye-view of their ecosystem. In our fourth-grade classes, as they prepare for their trip to Cherokee, the students are working on a research project comparing life in the past and present. Also, our fifth graders are working on a photography project for their history lessons in the 1800s.

These are just a few examples of projects. There will be many more throughout the year. Please allow your students to teach you what they have learned as they share their projects with you. Enjoy their creativity and curiosity about the many subjects in their world. We can learn from our children.

Thank you,
Mary Liford