Lower School Newsletter

I am so excited about the new faculty members on our team. All these teachers bring so many incredible talents and skills to our CBA family. They are creative, caring, flexible, organized, patient, responsible, and resourceful—to name a few of our LIFESKILLS.

To help our new teachers be successful at CBA, we have assigned a mentor to each one. The mentor assists and coaches them throughout the year. They meet regularly during the week to answer questions and plan curriculum.

I’ve spoken to a lot of the students and asked their opinions about their new teachers, and I have heard comments like, “She is so kind,” “She is funny,” “I like her,” and “She is creative.” I agree with all their comments.

Our weekly professional development helps teachers understand our model and expectations. These teachers love to teach and want to serve their students. I’m happy to welcome them!

Thank you for supporting and encouraging our new faculty and staff. I’m looking forward to a great school year.