Lower School Newsletter

Dear CBA Families,

Fall is definitely in the air. We are enjoying the cool air, beautiful foliage, and the last warm days before winter arrives. This quarter is flying by, and before you know it, half the year will be over. Our students have been busy finishing projects, writing essays, reading novels, going to camp, learning from guest speakers, practicing math facts, and so much more!

Something all our students experience once a week at CBA is Bobcat Buddies. Bobcat Buddies are when one grade level pairs with another for the year to experience various activities. Some children read together, play games, help each other with projects, work on research, practice skills together, and so much more. This time together allows for the students to develop relationships, friendships, and trust with one another.

Our goal with the Bobcat Buddies program is to allow the older students to be positive role models for the younger students. They have an opportunity to take on a leadership role. The younger students develop a friendship with their buddies that can last for years. The younger students also look up to their buddies. They look forward to getting together every Wednesday for about 30 minutes. Bobcat Buddies is part of our teaching model, and it enhances the student-centered environment for our mission at CBA.

The LIFESKILLS we have focused on these past three weeks have been Pride, Perseverance, and Patience. Each week we choose one from the nineteen to define, model, and teach. Pride is sometimes hard for students to understand. We try to explain pride by finding satisfaction from doing your personal best and accomplishing a task. Perseverance is keeping at it through hard work and challenges. We encourage the students to be determined to finish their work or project. Patience means to wait calmly for someone or something. No one finds it easy to practice patience.

Please discuss these LIFESKILLS with your children, and share examples of how you have used pride, perseverance, and patience in your life experiences. Doing so means a lot to them and helps them relate to the skills.

Happy Fall,

Mary Liford

Principal PreK-5