Officer Holly’s Safety Corner

Greetings, CBA Family! 

Although the protocols of COVID-19 are ever evolving, we have finally developed a recognizable routine: have a mask with you at all times and wear it, carry a container of hand sanitizer and use it often, practice the recommended 6’ to socially distance and avoid large gatherings of people that you do not normally socialize with. But, with the craziness of weather lately – rain to snow to sun to ice to rain to sun to snow to…well, you get the picture – it is very difficult to know how to plan for our daily driving excursions.

 A few fail safes, no matter the weather:

  1. Routine maintenance: whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or a take-it-to-the-shop person, routine maintenance checks are a must to keep on top of fluid levels, belts, tire pressure and performance, wiper blade condition, spare tire status, etc.
  2. Emergency kit and safety bag: whether a flat on the way to the beach or sliding off the road and getting stuck in the snow, these bags will help to make minor repairs, or help to keep you safe until help arrives. Items like bottled water, a blanket, protein/granola bars, cellphone charging cord(s), flares, a roll of toilet tissue, a crank flashlight, jumper cables/jump box, a large bar of soap (like Coast, Dial, Irish Spring, Safeguard, etc.), and a first-aid kit should be stored in your vehicle. Even a puzzle book and deck of cards could prove useful.
  3. Give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination including a little extra drive time “just in case.” This way, you will not feel rushed and speed.
  4. No matter the road conditions – dry, icy, wet, and snowy – adjust your driving to meet those needs. Also, do not “over drive” your headlights; see where you are going and what’s up ahead.  


Until next time, be safe and stay healthy!

Officer Holly Hatcher